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Ari Krzyzek

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer, Chykalophia

Kung Pik Liu

Founder, Design Angel

Guest Speaker

Hilla Shaviv

CEO of Gals Bio Ltd

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Product: Tulipon

An upgraded version of the old and problematic tampon, that also monitors and screens women’s health based on biomarkers found in menses

  • Patented in 2017

  • Insert like a tampon

  • Stay protected for up to 12 hours

  • No leaks, no mess

  • No Toxic Shock Syndrome

  • Biodegradable

Founder Story

Hilla Shaviv always had a passion for menstrual health. 


She discovered a serious lack of research in this space, explaining why there haven’t been any menstrual product innovations for the past 100 years. 


She‘s determined to change that!


While studying menstrual pain, Hilla needed to collect participants’ menses. She soon discovered the problem with menstrual cups, and the idea of Tulipon was born.


Investing her 20+ years of experience as a bio-fluid dynamics expert, and the lessons learned developing 10 prototypes, Tulipon will be ready for the market by Q4 of 2022.

Fun facts

  • Ancient Egyptians have the earliest historical evidence of tampon use

  • In 1929, Dr. Earle Haas patented and invented the modern-day tampon

Next Step for Hilla

Product testing

Crowdfunding campaign

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