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How to Nail Your FemTech Brand Online Even If You Just Started

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Brand foundations that propel FemTech brands

By Kung Pik Liu, Design Angel

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Femtech brands often focus too much on technology and science. Still, you need to start branding early — yes, you can begin branding even before you have a product.


With the low barriers of entry, there are so many competitions out there. To break through all the noise, branding is likely to be the only competitive advantage you can have from day 1.

I think we all understand the “Know Thyself” concept. It’s the foundation of everything if you want to build a meaningful life or, in this situation, create a successful business. In addition, consumers consider brand purpose as an essential factor in their purchasing decision. To get ahead, start early and give yourself the time to contemplate and let your brand evolves:

Step 1: Brand Purpose

Brand purpose is a brand’s reason for being beyond making money. It guides the company on how to serve others, including the society at large. Your brand purpose will also connect people (talents, customers, and investors) emotionally. According to a study by Porter Novelli, 71% of consumers will buy from a purpose-driven company over the alternatives. It’s simply good for the soul and for business.


To make it easier, we have created a worksheet for you. When you’re done, you’ll have a 1-page brand book.


Exercise to discover your brand purpose

1. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

– What are you passionated about?

– What are you good at?

– What the world needs?


2. List out all the possible answers, find connections between them. Keep working on it until you find an alignment.


3. In the end, you should be able to answer this ultimate question in under 12 words: Why do you exist beyond making money? (From the book Zag by Marty Neumeier)

Step 2: Brand Goal

Brand goals tell us where the brand is going. If you don’t have a goal, how do you decide what to do the next day? Can you preserver at a difficult task without knowing why you’re doing it? Building a business or startup is hard! When you have a goal, you can plan each step to reach it.


Exercise to set your brand goal:

1. Answer this question:

Where do you see your brand in 10 years?

Brainstorm and think about the best possible future. Write it down. Then use the following template to formulate your goal:


To [verb] a [adjustive] + [noun] for [target audience]


2. Create a vision board

It’s a visual representation of your brand goal. According to Psychology Today, visualization can increase motivation and confidence. There is no right or wrong way to do this; just collect images that speak to your brand goal.

Step 3: Brand Personality

Brand personality is a collection of traits for a brand. It’s what makes your brand human. Why does it matter? Customers are looking for brands that they can relate to on an emotional level. It also drives decisions in brand identity and messaging so that the brand can stand out.


Exercise to find your brand personality


1. Write down as many words as possible to describe your brand under the following categories:

– Values & Beliefs

– Tone of Voice

– Look & Feel


2. Review each category, narrow it down to 3, then pick 1 from each category as the winner.


3. Bonus: create an imageboard using the top 3 descriptions of your brand personality.

This will be very helpful as a primary design brief for your identity designer, marketer, and social media manager.

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Tips from Femtech Founders

Rachel Bartholomew, Founder & CEO, Hyivy Health

– Branding should be grounded on customers’ needs

– Talk to your customers


Lisa Lechner & Julie Berg, Co-founders, FemmeBright Health

– When it comes to branding, start with brand strategy, not the logo

– Brand building is a long process, starts early and let it evolve

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How to communicate & deliver user experience for your FemTech brand online

By Ari Krzyzek, Chykalophia

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Understanding the users for your brand and delivering a user-centric experience around what you offer, will leave the users / customers feeling inspired to take the specific actions you want them to take, even when it means that they will pay a premium price for it.

Here are some starting points to help you get started on your Femtech brand’s website:

1. Know Who You’re Targeting + What You’re Selling

Unless you’re selling access to a universal utility like electricity or running water, you’re going to have to be crystal clear on a couple of things:

Who is the person that your website should be speaking to.

How your product/service is going to help them achieve what they’re looking for.


If your offer is vague and you’re selling a solution for everyone, it’s ultimately going to cost you a lot more money to convert sales through your website.


The more specific you can be with what solution you have and exactly who it’s for, the more fine-tuned and effective your website can be.

2. Design The User-centric Experience for Your Users

We know how important brand experience is, it’s because we truly believe and feel that positive experiences facilitate deeper connections, inspire audiences, and ultimately deliver results (converting a lead or increasing numbers of products being sold).

Having a positive brand experience can often mean:

The difference between being chosen over another brand or losing the sale.

You can twofold your conversion rate without learning coding by using one of UX research’s tools: User Journey.



A user journey (or user journey map) is a visual trip of the user across the solution.

On a user journey, you’ll want to visualize these three key insights:

1. Your user’s scenario, goals, and expectations.


2. Their emotions and responses to the experiences on your website.


3. Areas of opportunities where you can to address audience’s pain points.


When you start putting the three steps together in a user journey, ask this question that will help you identify which channels and touchpoints make sense for you to invest your time, money, and efforts in: Where can we connect with them (your audience) to stay on top of their mind?

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3. Track Your Data, Test, Review and Update

You can’t influence what you don’t measure. Many websites have tools like Google analytics integrated from the very beginning. However, you’d be surprised how many business owners we’ve met that rarely look at the captured data, let alone know how to respond to the data and make impactful changes.


Here are the data points that you should start tracking as soon as possible:

– Unique visitors

– Return visitors

– Traffic source

– Bounce rate

– Session duration

– Click-through rate

– Conversion rate

– Cost per sale

– Pages that users visit the most

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You’ll also want to test your website either quarterly or every 6-months.

A/B tests? Who has time for them? Unfortunately, those who do not test are just making guesses, and guesses are expensive.


When you track your data and define a specific business goal metric you’d like to see improve, you’re going to want to test different solutions to see which one ultimately gets you the best results.

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Tools you can use for testing your website:

– Optimizely


– CrazyEgg


– Omniconvert


Review the website test result and feedback so you can update and maximize your website site for the most conversions.

More Femtech Guides

Tips in finding the right branding, design, web partners for your Femtech company

By Ari Krzyzek, Chykalophia, and Kung Pik Liu, Design Angel


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Having a brand strategy is essential, but translating ideas into visual branding is just as important. Here are some tips from founders who have done it and made their mistakes, learn from the real-life experiences …

Tips from Femtech founders:

1. Do the due diligent, don’t just rely on “big name”, look for good fit.
– Test out the working relationship with smaller projects first
– Know your needs
– Know your budget
– Know your scope of work

2. No one is more expert than you are (the founders) when it comes to your brand.
– Build a brand strategy before doing any design work
– Hire a brand strategist to help you find the brand idea & positioning
– Sometimes your design partner offer brand strategy, check with them

3. Find a design partner who share the same values.
– Your design partner should be your trust guide.

What's most important when looking for a design partner?

1. Value alignment
2. Creative solution capability
3. Proof of work
4. Honesty


Always do a trademark research for your company’s name. Hire a trademark lawyer, it’ll be money well spent!

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